Kevin has been a gift to our family.  He worked with our son in developing organizational skills and in tutoring.  In both areas, Kevin was enthusiastic and creative, and achieved tremendous results.  He adapted various approaches as our son’s skills grew and remained flexible so that he could address academic needs that required priority.  Under Kevin’s guidance, we watched our son grow in maturity and confidence.  We were able to remove ourselves from the details of our son’s academics and remain available as support.  Working with Kevin has been a positive experience for which we are grateful.
– Sarah Stewart & Philip Dearborn

Kevin was instrumental in guiding our son to develop better time management and organizational skills which allowed him to catch up with an overwhelming number of overdue assignments.  Under highly stressful circumstances, Kevin was able to help our son create a strategy that worked for him and did so in a way that was open and positive.  Kevin was sincerely concerned with our son’s well-being, emotionally and academically, and was an invaluable support to us, as parents, as we navigated a very difficult time.  Kevin has a true gift as a teacher and a mentor.  We are ever grateful for his dedication to building our son’s confidence in himself and in his ability to succeed as he continues his education.
– Kathryn and Andrew Blair

Kevin, You are the best! I am amazed at your gift for working with kids with different learning styles and abilities. How you manage to teach each student and meet their individual needs is amazing. I don’t know where we would be without you!
– Lisa Moore Pastore

Kevin Dohmen has been counseling our 16 year old son, Will, for several months. Will is a high intelligence boy with very low executive functioning development. As a consequence he is significantly underachieving in school.

Kevin has been a wonderful asset for us in dealing with Will’s issues. He has been able to connect with Will and draw out his intellectual interests at a time when Will is basically turned off by his high school education. Kevin has been a sensitive, committed and creative advocate.

In short, working with Kevin has simply been great. I enthusiastically recommend Kevin to anyone looking for help with an underachieving teenager.
– Ron Torrence

Our son, Nathaniel began seeing Kevin at the start of 7th grade.  Nathaniel is bright and creative, but he was not organized and he was just not interested in certain subjects.  While he had finished 6th grade with straight B’s he was mighty close to C territory in several subjects.   We felt he was missing some of the basics and without help could completely unravel.  

We loved the way Kevin worked on the whole package; reviewing math and science (the weak areas), but also providing a framework for staying organized and strategies for studying for tests.  The payoff for all was less stress at home.  But the real payoff came in 8th grade, when Nathaniel’s grades and his interest level took off.  The one on one help for algebra in 9th grade was invaluable, and by that point we had a child who was confident in his abilities and knew exactly where he needed one on one help each week.  Kevin’s calm demeanor, his ability to assess each child’s learning style and adjust to that style, and his method of explaining concepts makes him unique and exceptional to work with.
– Ann White Devine, National Institutes of Health


Your work with our daughter Emily over the past two and one-half years was outstanding.  You not only helped her with the questions she had been asked in class, but provided her with the learning strategies to answer those questions that would come in the future.  She is a self-assured student now, and your help played a significant part in her development.

One final note, your work with her in SAT preparation was remarkable.  Emily is one who never performs well on standardized tests of any sort.  After a very rough first go on the SAT, you provided her with the strategies to improve her score far beyond the statistical “norm” in such retakes.  That improvement should help her college application process immensely.  
– Sydney Smith & Don Griffin

Hey Kevin,

Great to hear from you too!  You know you really saved my life in grad school.  When I think of how you changed my life for the better and how many people you have helped, do you realize the tremendous gift that you have given to so many people.  You personally have made the world a better place.  In ministry I have worked with tons of people and I can say the people I am the most proud of for making the world a better place are my parents and you. 

I really do thank God for you daily!
– Alexandra Conrads, Priest in Charge – All Saints Episcopal Church, Los Angeles, CA

There are so many important aspects to balance in a child’s schooling. However, giving a child a sense of empowerment is truly a remarkable gift. Kevin Dohmen has helped my son gain this sense of empowerment.

I like the strategies Kevin provides for my son to learn, internalize, and apply not only for a given assignment but also for life.

Furthermore, Kevin supports a child’s social/emotional development being equally important to a child’s academic development. As a teacher and as a parent, I appreciate this about Kevin.

There are few male teachers and tutors. Being a mother of two sons, I deeply appreciate any male educators. I do believe my son does enjoy having a male tutor work with him, especially since most of his teachers throughout his schooling have been female ones.

Kevin makes an effort to get to know my son’s interests. As a result, Kevin sees my son in academic and non-academic ‘spotlights.’ This is very important because my son’s strengths are seen, not just his weaknesses.

I do like how Kevin integrates technology with his sessions. He has experience with finding ways to facilitate and enhance learning through the use of website resources. Again, Kevin implements strategies not only for a given assignment, but also for life.

In addition to Kevin working well with my son, he worked well with me. While I was in graduate school, I had a major project to complete. I felt overwhelmed with my topic and the research needing to be done. Kevin met with me to help me chunk my assignment into manageable components. He helped me develop a time line for myself so that I could stay on track with my work. Kevin also provided me with excellent constructive criticism throughout my project.

Again, it is important to me that my son learns study skills and strategies that carry him throughout his life. Kevin teaches and nurtures this concept. As a result, my son does feel empowered towards his learning.

I think my son’s comment about Kevin sums up my final thoughts: “Mr. Dohmen is cool.”
– Kathy Heyder, elementary school teacher and mother of two

Thanks to Kevin Dohmen, our child is rising to the challenge of a rigorous high school curriculum. In the past, our son earned great grades without working hard. He did not know how to plan and study efficiently. Mr. Dohmen offered concrete strategies and explained why and how these approaches can work to master course material.  Mr. Dohmen understands the teenage brain and psyche. Learning and understanding are always the goal – and the stellar grades follow. Thanks!
– Dr. Jeannie Brown Leonard, university administrator and professor, and mother of two

Kevin Dohmen possesses all the qualities that parents yearn for in a teacher for their children. He has a passion for learning and knowledge that permeates throughout all his teaching methods and interactions  He has the ability to determine how a student best learns and guides them towards reaching their potential by maximizing their strengths and addressing any weaknesses. My son reports that, “Mr. Dohmen always find a way for me to understand something that I’ve had difficulty understanding before.”

Mr. Dohmen is an effective communicator, extremely patient, generous of heart and has a terrific sense of humor. He has been enormously helpful in our son’s preparation for college, imparting study skills and approaches to learning that will last him a lifetime.
– Nina Britcliffe

When it came time for my son to write his college application essay, Kevin Dohmen first talked with him about how important it was for the essay to strike an emotional chord with the application committee. He stressed that the essay should reflect my son’s personality and interests; it should give the reader a good idea of the type of person my son was, and what he expected to gain from college. My son followed this direction and wrote from his heart. Then Mr. Dohmen suggested a few changes and my son did a light edit based on those concerns. The final version of the essay was touching and smart., and apparently successful: he was accepted to all four of the college music programs he applied for, one with a full scholarship. 
– Terri Scullen, professional writer and mother of two

Good editing is not a matter of correcting spelling and grammar.  It is the seeing through the sometimes garbled prose of the author to its essential themes.  Kevin Dohmen’s gentle humor and probing analysis have provided me a stimulus toward creativity that is rare in the craft of publishing today.
– David A. Schulz, PhD, professor of sociology and author of eight graduate-school textbooks

Abby participated in Kevin’s writing workshop held during the summer.  There were six or seven young students, all rising sixth graders.  They met informally to discuss topics, to write, and to share their work with each other.  Kevin has a positive, accepting manner that allows the students to trust him and therefore to risk a little more of themselves.  I highly recommend his program.
– Kennon Bowen, elementary school teacher and mother of two

Both of my children have benefitted from working with Kevin over the last twelve years. Kevin is very experienced in dealing with all types of learners and can support students in a wide variety of content areas. He has helped my children with everything from writing research papers and essays, biology, chemistry, and studying for history exams, trigonometry and calculus. Kevin is truly an amazing resource—one that Northern VA is lucky to have.
– Laurie Chester, AD/HD coach and mother of two

We are extremely happy with the assistance and support you’ve given M C over the years.  You have helped tremendously with her math issues, aiding her in seeing her problems for what they are and showing her how best to work around them.  We couldn’t have asked for more.
– Charlie Mandolia

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