The Joy of Writing Seminar

This workshop has no prerequisites and is designed for any students who want to experience the liberation of writing with expert instruction but without the restrictive rules of school – and for those who are looking for an enriching experience of creative writing.

In this six-session, twelve-hour creative writing workshop, students will sharpen their abilities to evaluate a piece of writing, to provide constructive criticism, and to enjoy the creative process. Participants will learn to construct simple and complex sentences, organize paragraphs, use figurative language, and personalize their own process of writing, editing, and proofing — all while having fun! We will explore freewriting, narration, journaling, description, dialog, poetry, and humor.

Students will be given specific prompts to write about between meetings and will have an opportunity to share their work with the group in an emotionally safe environment.

At the final meeting, we will assemble a collection of everyone’s best work to be distributed to all.

Here’s what one parent had to say about this workshop:

“Abby participated in Kevin’s writing workshop held during the summer. They met informally to discuss topics, to write, and to share their work with each other.  Kevin has a positive, accepting manner that allows the students to trust him and therefore to risk a little more of themselves.  I highly recommend his program.”

– K. B., elementary school teacher and mother of two



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