Classic Essay Writing Seminar

This six-session, twelve-hour workshop is designed for students who are generally proficient at grammar, punctuation, and other mechanics of writing and would like to master the classic five-part essay form in high demand by schools and on the essay portion of the SAT.

Students will learn the skills necessary to write clear, well-organized essays by way of a step-by-step process that includes choosing a topic, conducting any necessary research, formulating a thesis statement, organizing the overall shape of the piece, and communicating their ideas clearly in writing. Participants will learn to construct simple and complex sentences, organize paragraphs, use figurative language, and personalize their own process of writing, editing, and proofing.  In addition, students will learn to critically evaluate an essay, offer and receive constructive criticism, and feel the satisfaction of having written a finely honed product that expresses their unique voice.

Students will be given specific directions for independent work to be completed between meetings and will have an opportunity to share their work with the group in an emotionally safe environment.



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